Take a walk…

My dear wife spotted a FREE photo walk at the Dudmaston National Trust property in Shropshire (UK) and encouraged me to try it. I am so glad I did!

Accompanied by a volunteer photographer at the estate, a bunch of around 12 of us walked around the site for a couple of hours while he pointed out things of interest and good viewpoints. All this was at a leisurely pace, so even though I was the only one using a tripod, it didn’t seem rushed.  It wasn’t the best weather/light – around midday in September, cloudless sky and slightly hazy, but this was fine for the woodland shots, and needed a bit of post-processing to bring out contrast in the wider more open views.


Taking it easy…

I really enjoyed using the Fuji 18-135mm lens – its a fair bit heavier than my ‘old’ 18-55mm, but I only switched lenses once during the day (and that was to a wider angle lens).  There’s been talk about this new lens not being as sharp as the 18-55mm, but so far it works for me.

All in all a great session – well lead by volunteer Matthew, a good venue, and minimal cost, just the standard £6.60 entrance fee to the property.  Definitely worth looking for other similar events – there are several over the next few months in the Shropshire/Cheshire area.

Boathouse - Dudmaston NT

The  boathouse at Dudmaston

Dudmaston is situated on the A442, approx 3 miles south of Bridgnorth, and is run by The National Trust.

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