Worth getting up early…

The fact that dawn and sunrise are now just a little later means it’s not quite such an effort to get out and take photos in the rather special light that morning brings. We are lucky that we live on the edge of a valley where the early morning mist collects, and it was really only a short walk down to the fields where the cows were grazing as the sun came up.


These cows seemed to think I was bringing breakfast!

No tripod, I just relied on being able to use the camera at higher ISO and still get good results. Even before the sun came up, there was a pretty big difference in illumination between sky and foreground, so most of these shots use a 0.6 (2 stop) grad filter to balance the exposure.  I’m more than happy to take several shots with different exposures and blend them when using a tripod but handheld really does need a bit of help at source.  Even so, the shots with the sun in the frame needed a little Lightroom magic to get the tones and balance just right…

Misty Morning

The mist weakens as the sun rises – 10 minutes later it had all gone!

Even before the sun makes an appearance there are great tones, although again they need a little work to bring out the best contrast.


Converted to mono, but there wasn’t much colour going on this early anyway!

It was definitely worth getting up for these photos!