Always Have A Camera Ready…

XT102980Last night was a perfect reminder – we were sitting at home having a drink when OH noticed the sunset colours developing and the cows at the top of our garden.  Encouraged by her (it was hard to tear myself away from a Sauvignon Blanc, even for a photo), I grabbed my Fuji X-T1 and raced to the top of the garden.  Managed to get maybe 6 shots off while the cows were suitably juxtaposed with the big old oak tree, and before the colours faded. No time to set up a tripod, all shots were taken with the camera balanced on a fence post.

Key thing for me, and the moral here, is to always have a camera set and ready to go – my X-T1 ALWAYS goes back in its bag with battery fully charged, fitted with the 18-135mm lens, set to Auto ISO 3200, and everything else on Auto. That pretty much guarantees a shot in all circumstances and is a good place to start.

For the technically minded – images were shot in RAW, then processed in Lightroom with a Fuji Velvia preset to boost the colours, a little clarity added, then cropped to suit.

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