Don’t promise what you can’t deliver…

OK, not purely a photo topic, just something that really winds me up… The thrust of it is, don’t promise or offer something online that you may not be able to deliver – your customers will think less of you than if you’d never offered it in the first place.

So, two stories.

91chsWW8M9L._SL1500_#1. Interested in getting the new 35mm f2 Fuji lens, I saw it advertised online at Digital Depot. As I was keen to get it asap, and passing relatively near their Hitchin store, I ordered it for collection next day. Come the day, and just before I swung off the M1, I thought I’d give them a quick call to check all was ok. “Ah”, said the man, “we don’t actually have them in stock, but I can call you when we get them in….” So I asked why they were showing them as in stock – “well, we don’t actually link our online stock with our shop stock, so I guess we must have sold out in store…” Tried to explain that it wasn’t really on to advertise  something as in stock, when it wasn’t, but it fell on deaf ears. Needless to say I bought the lens elsewhere, and probably won’t try Digital Depot again.

035#2. I received an email from Stafford Audi suggesting it was time to get my car serviced, and inviting me to book online. Duly did that, selecting a date a few days on, and got a response indicating they would shortly confirm my reservation. Surprised to receive a call next day to say that day wasn’t available, and indeed the first available date with pickup and collection was a month hence! Tried to point out how frustrating this was, but again, it fell on deaf ears….

Fair to say that in both cases I had at least a ‘neutral’ view of both businesses previously, but after being offered a service/supply online that they couldn’t then deliver on, I’m seriously turned off… There are so many businesses out there offering services online, but it’s not a great idea to offer what you can’t deliver…

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